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Disputationer våren 2018

19 januari Anna Nordin - Midkine in Advanced Prostate Cancer - Biological Impact and Biomarker Potential

9 februari
Gunnhildur Gudnadottir
- Paediatric sleep-disordered breathing - diagnostics and treatment

Bita Shareghi - Wear and migration in total hip arthroplasty measured with radiostereometric analysis. Methodological aspects and clinical studies

23 februari Katarina Hallén - Isocapnic hyperventilation in anaesthesia practice. Clinical and experimental studies

2 mars Peter Axelsson - Distal radioulnar joint: arthroplasty and strength assessments

9 mars Martin Johansson - The percutaneous implant. The effects of design, host site and surgery on the tissue response

22 mars Oscar Zaar - Epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers

23 mars Peter Cnudde - Longitudinal outcome following total hip replacement. Expanded data collection, time trends, sequence of events and study of factors influencing implant survival and mortality

26 mars Ann-Christine Mjörnheim - Skattning och diagnostik av gastroesofageala symptom i definierade patientpopulationer med hjälp av frågeformulär / Licentiatexamen

13 april Karin Zachrisson Jönsson -Renal artery stenosis. Aspects of diagnosis and endovascular treatmen

18 maj 
Joakim Strömberg
- On minimally invasive treatment of Dupuytren's contacture

Jacob Gehrman - Health economic aspects of minimally invasive surgical techniques

Maria Olsson - Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors - body image and sexual health

25 maj
Tobias Nilsson -
Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion - experimental and clinical studies

Ioannis Karikis -Clinical and radiographic evaluation after ACL reconstruction with the emphasis on surgical technique and time of reconstruction

Johanna Hansson Wennerblom - Surgical methods in treating pancreatic tumours

31 maj
Helena Hognert - Contraception and unplanned pregnancies

Marie Andersson - Hypospadias surgery - long-term outcome focusing on adolescence

5 juni Ted Eneqvist - The clinical utility of patient-reported outcome measures in total hip replacement and lumbar spine surgery

7 juni - Åsa Magnusson - Ovarian stimulation for IVF-a balance between efficacy and safety

8 juni
Elisabeth Norder Grusell - Esophagitis: Aspects on bacteriology, pathophysiology and symptomatology

Annika Öhman - Left-sided obstructive cardiac lesions in the fetus and the neonate

13 juni - Sanna Kjellberg- Peripheral airway function in adult asthma-assesed by N2 Washout and impulse oscillometry

15 juni - Lars Axelsson -  Nutritional aspects of advanced Head and Neck Cancer and impact of different factors in Head and Neck Cancer of Unknown Primary

21 september - Zsuzsa Ingulf Bartik - Genetic Studies of Familial Vesicoureteral Reflux

25 september - Vijay Kuna Kumar - Potential Therapeutic Applications of Novel Bioengineered Tissues and Organs Using Methods of Decellularization and Recellularization

5 oktober - Oscar Jalnefjord - Intravoxel incoherent motion modeling - Optimization of acquisition, analysis and tumor tissue characterization

22 november - Jonas Bačelis - Genetic factors affecting pregnancy duration inhumans

23 november:
Anton Holmgren -Human growth patterns - with focus on pubertal growth and secular changes

Anna-Karin Elf - Targeted radiotherapy in metastatic neuroendocrine tumors – clinical and experimental studies

30 november - Lukas Lannemyr - Cardiopulmonary bypass and the kidney - studies on patients undergoing cardiac surgery

7 december:
Per Erik Persson
- Lung and chest wall properties during mechanical ventilation

Stefanos Farfaras - Shoulder impingement; Evaluation of the clinical outcome, radiographic findings, histology, ultrastructure and biochemistry

14 december:
Olof Westein
- Achilles Tendon Ruptures Predictors; functional and economic impact

Magdalena Zaborowska
- On the pathogenesis of infections associated with percutaneous osseointegrated orthopaedic implants

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